• Job Advert : Senior Lab Technologist!

    Reports: Reports to Head of laboratory.

    Duties and Responsibilities:
    Duty schedule - To prepare monthly duty rota for technologists for main lab and industrial area.
    - To make sure that all sections are covered well with technologists..
    - Prepare monthly reports.
    Results: - Timely dispatch of results for out-patients, in-patients and to labs outside Coptic.
    Out-sourced tests: - To ensure that out-sourced samples are sent to pre-decided labs.
    - To follow-up the results from those labs and make sure they are filed in the lab.
    - To hand-over the file to the Lab administrator at the end of each month so that it can be correlated with the invoices.
    Quality Control: - To ensure timely running of internal QC samples.
    - To ensure that external QC samples are run on time and the results are discussed with the Pathologist for any intervention.
    Incident/Complaints: - To enter every incident and complaints received from doctors, patients or any external lab and make sure the complaints are addressed and reported to management.
    Other duties: • Performing lab tests in bio chemistry,cytology,microbiology,viral load, CD4/S, hematology, immunology ,parasitology.
    • Supervise all lab staff.
    • Records keeping.
    • Ensuring adequate orientation for new staff.
    • Basic machines maintenance, calibrating machines, processing inpatients results and releasing them.phlebotomy.processinq samples, releasing results and any other duties a located.

    Basic Requirements:

    • Bachelors degree, Higher Diploma or Diploma in Medical Technology .
    • licensed or registered with the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologist Board .
    • At least 5 to 10 years experience working in a similar position in a healthcare related field.
    • Should be team player, self driven individuals who can work with minimum supervision.
    • Must have Managerial and problem solving skills.
    Full JD is available in the HR office for the qualified candidate
    Drop your CV at the HR office or email through jobs@coptichospital.org.

  • Job Advert : RECEPTIONIST!

    Reports: The Reception Supervisor / Reception Manager.

    Duties and Responsibilities:
    1. Provide a warm and friendly environment for our patients.
    2. Ensure that patients card and files are prepared in advance and the reception is well stocked with stationeries.
    3. Provide information to any persons visiting the Hospital.
    4. Carry out registration of new patients, put the details in the system and direct them accordingly (counter check patients details on the system before issuing OP no.
    5. Counterchecking of Insurance patients details on their insurance cards making sure that the details tally with information in the system before issuing claim forms. This patient Form, and Acceptance form.
    6. Coordinate with the OPD nurses to facilitate faster triage for the patients.
    7. Critically observe patients who are in dire need of urgent medical attention and alert ER nurses.
    8. Alert doctors on call on emergency cases as soon as they arrive, prepare the patient card and send it to the ER. (Make sure the card has either a receipt or claim form filled.
    9. Assist Insurance patients to fill claim forms and countercheck to ensure the details provided are correct and the form is signed.
    10. Ensure patients are in the system, payments done before the patient goes to see the doctor.
    11. Ensure that all SMART patients are smarted before going to the doctor.
    12. Coordinate with the Medical records team to facilitate retrieval of patient’s files within the shortest time possible.
    13. Orient and train new receptionists.
    14. Conversant with all sections of the department.
    15. Able to supervise the team in the absentia of the Reception Supervisor.
    16. Minimize patients movements as much as possible by provide correct information at the point of contact.
    17. Accept NHIF requirements brought after working hours, counter-check the details, do photocopy and input in to the system.(observe 24hr rule).
    18. Ensuring that patients don’t wait more than necessary at your workstations.
    19. Train and Orient Receptionist 1.
    20. Maintain all stationeries and office equipment to reduce tear and wear.

    Basic Requirements:

    1. Diploma or certificate in Front Office/ any Business related course .
    2. At least 1 year experience in a busy reception .
    Full JD is available in the HR office for the qualified candidate
    Drop your CV at the HR office or email through jobs@coptichospital.org on or before 11th May 2016.

  • Coptic Hospital Kenya - Job Advert


    JOB SUMMARY: HTC counselor will work on a day to day basis to ensure quality counseling and testing under the guidance of the Counseling Manager and Ensure 100% linkage of clients testing HIV positive at facility and community
    Overall Objectives of the position: • To promote prevention through to HIV testing and risk reduction support.
    • To promote access to safe and effective treatment care and support
    • To provide general support counseling and improve client emotional condition for issue related to stigma, disclosure, discordant couples etc.
    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • HTC counselor should be flexible to work on night shifts and weekends..
    • To provide quality PITC (for both Inpatient and Outpatient clinics) and VCT services at all times.
    • To conduct HIV counseling and testing services mainly to children and adolescents aged between 0-19 years of age in the facility/ community in line with the National guidelines
    • Participate in the Facility/ Community health events, create awareness on importance of HTC and offer HTC services.
    • Facility/ Community Counselor MUST make relevant referrals/ linkages as needed by the client and identify and address gaps in referral linkages.
    • To ensure all HIV positive clients have been scheduled for enrollment either at Coptic Hope center or at the clinic of their own choice by making follow-up calls.
    • To provide access for on-going counseling for the various interventions available within the Coptic hospital sites and make relevant referrals for on-going support including Home Based Care, medical clinics, support groups, post test clubs as well as all other referrals as needed by the client.
    • Further JD will be given to the successful candidate.


    • HTC Certificate accredited by NASCOP.
    • Latest knowledge in 2015 HTS guidelines.
    • At least 3 years’ work experience from a donor funded facility.
    • High integrity.
    • Ability to work in a busy institution.

    Education, Training and Qualifications: A

    1. Diploma or certificate in Food and beverage in production
    2. At least 1 year experience in a busy kitchen

    Send application to jobs@coptichospital.org by 22ndAPRIL 2016.
    Late applications will not be accepted!

  • Coptic Hospital Kenya - Job Advert

    POSITION: Cook/ Waiter/ Waitress

    Reports To: The Head of Kitchen

    Duties and Responsibilities Cook:

    • Performing daily mis-en-plus.
    • Food production for the day.
    • Collect and distribute all payslips on a monthly basis
    • Determine quantities to be cooked and size of portions to be served, taking into account diets to meet medical, ethnic and personal needs.
    • Inspect food preparation and serving areas to ensure observance of safe sanitary food-handling practices.
    • Any other duty assigned by the Manager/supervisor
    • Constantly use safe and hygienic food handling practices

    Duties and Responsibilities Waiter/ Waitress:

    • Giving out menus, taking orders and serving foods and drinks.
    • Clearance from the rooms, cleaning the pantry room
    • Giving out advice on menus per customers needs i.e. diets
    • Wiping of plates, spoons, knives, bowls, folks etc
    • In some cases, might be called upon to assist in food preparation/mis-en-plus

    Education, Training and Qualifications: A

    1. Diploma or certificate in Food and beverage in production
    2. At least 1 year experience in a busy kitchen

    - Full JD is available in the HR office for the qualified candidate
    Drop your CV at the HR office or email through jobs@coptichospital.org

  • Coptic Hospital Kenya - Job Advert


    DEPARTMENT: HR Manager

    Overall Objectives of the position: Assist the HR Manager to ensure smooth running of systems, which facilitate the smooth operation of HR and the function.
    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Administrate the recruitment process by contacting interview candidates, taking up references and conducting pre-assignment briefings.
    • Ensure staff has all the statutory documents – NHIF, NSSF, PIN numbers.
    • Collect and distribute all payslips on a monthly basis
    • Maintain different staff leave and keep a file with all leave records.
    • Prepare monthly report of staff recruitment and open new files for all recruited staff.
    • Assist in filing of HR documents including any personnel forms or papers.
    • Ensure all staff in the team conducts themselves in a professional manner, are well presented and responsible for their discipline in accordance with organization policy.
    • Induction of new employed staff.
    • Revising Duty Rotas for all departments and counterchecking with the clock in report.
    • Prepare a monthly report of all the activities performed.
    • Perform any other duties as requested by the HR Manager

    Education, Training and Qualifications: A

    • Diploma/Higher Diploma in Business Management or CPA Section 1
    • Atleast 2 years experience with good knowledge of Kenya labor laws
    • Excellent writing and organizational skills
    • Excellent communication and computer skills
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to multi task

    Send application to jobs@coptichospital.org by 7th December 2015
    Late applications will not be accepted please!

  • Coptic Hospital Kenya

    Job vacancies!! 4 THEATRE NURSES

    Duties and responsibilities :

    • Consults and coordinates with healthcare team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plan. The Doctor is responsible for providing necessary systems strengthening, capacity development, and in-service support.
    • Conducts pre- and post-operative education.
    • Serves as the communication liaison to family and members of the operating team.
    • Takes and monitors patients’ vital signs.. Carry out any other duties which may not be specified in your job description, as requested by the Medical Director
    • Ensures that operating on correct patient and the correct procedure is being performed Provides basic, bedside care.
    • Prepares and administers (orally, subcutaneously, through an IV) and records prescribed medications. Reports adverse reactions to medications or treatments in accordance with the policy regarding the administration of medications by a licensed registered nurse.
    • Responds to life-saving situations based upon nursing standards and protocol Records all care information concisely, accurately and completely, in a timely manner, in the appropriate format and on the appropriate forms.
    • Prepare operating room for patient/procedure.
    • Initiates corrective action whenever information from monitoring equipment shows adverse symptomatology well-being throughout the care continuum.
    • Initiates patient education plan, as prescribed by physician. Teaches patients and significant others how to manage their post-treatment home care needs, self-administration of medication and rehabilitation.
    • Performs other position-related duties as assigned, depending on assignment setting.
    Qualifications, Education and Experience:
    • The candidate should be in Possession of a Diploma in Nursing.
    • Theatre nursing experience for atleast two years in a busy theatre
    • Theatre Technology Certificate with 3 years of experience.
    Drop your CV to the HR office or email recruitments@copticmission.org
    Deadline for application is 17th Nov, 2015


    ENT Services Schedule


    THURSDAY'S 10 - 12Noon

    Cell: 0732-341241/ 0716-896965

    E-mail: info@coptichospital.org

    Experience professional care with minimal waiting time

  • Coptic Hospital Offer

    Free Surgeon Fee on Thyroid Surgery

    Cell: 0732-341241/ 0716-896965 / 020 - 2724737 / 2867876

    E-mail: info@coptichospital.org

  • Well Woman

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  • Coptic Chemists RollupBanner

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  • Coptic Hospital Kenya


    Job Vacancy!!! Matron

    Position Overview: Coptic Hospital has in the recent past expanded to a well established facility with 300 beds, 5 operating theatres, specialized units (ICU, HDU, Renal unit, Radiology, consultant clinics etc) , very advanced machines and equipments etc. It’s in this regard that Coptic seeks to employ a Hospital Matron to lead a team of over 170 nurses to provide quality care to our esteemed customers. The incumbent will focus on the provision of high quality, visible and professional leadership.
    Duties and Responsibilities: S/he will provide line management and professional leadership for Hospital Ward Team leaders and specialist nurses, midwives, patient attendants and other nursing staff. S/he will identify and deal with issues of poor performance, risks and complaints from doctors, patients and visitors as well as enhance existing policies and procedures. S/he will maintain the medical quality and standards of patient treatment and oversee quality care and develop plans for improving patients care. S/he will ensure that quality control is a key aspect of the nursing department.
    Education, Training and Qualifications: A Diploma or Bachelors Degree in nursing with over 10 years experience as a KRCHN and MUST have atleast over [5] years experience in nursing leadership in a well established Hospital. Must be registered with the Nursing Council. Leadership qualification/training, Masters Degree in Management, Public Health or related field is an added advantage. However, s/he must possess strong writing, communication, computer and interpersonal skills
    Drop your CV to the HR office or email recruitments@copticmission.org
    Deadline for application is 26th June,2015

  • Coptic Hospital Kenya

    Cervical Cancer Awareness

  • Coptic Hospital Kenya

    Click here to See Our Full Services

    Coptic Hospital is a fully fledged hospital that ensures that a patient will walk in and be guaranteed of quality in any of the following clinics.

    • General and Endoscopic surgery
    • Pediatrics & Neonatal (well baby clinic, vaccinations,
    • Chronic Diseases Clinic (Hypertension, Diabetes, Liver Diseases, HIV/AIDS Management, Auto-immune diseases, Heart Diseases, )
    • Orthopedics (Arthritis, Trauma, Accidents
    • Pediatric
    • Cardiology.
    • Kidney Diseases.
    • Psychology.
    • Ear, Nose and Throat.
    • Immunization(KEPI vaccines available)
    • Well Woman Clinic (Cancer Screening, Breast exam and other lab tests)
    • Obstetrics adn Gynecology.
    • Urology (Urinary system diseases, Male infertility and impotence)
    • Dermatology (Skin diseases)
    • Neurology (for nerve conditions)
    • Psychiatry.
    • Eye Clinic.
    • Cancer Screening Program.
    • Counseling clinic (Stress management, trauma, post disaster management)

  • Delegates Visit

    Mr. Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, Minister of Industry and Trade, visited the Coptic Hospital in Nairobi, where they were received by H. G. Bishop Paul Bishop of Mission Affairs and a number of hospital staff. They were taken for a tour of the hospital’s different departments. Two years ago, a modern hospital building was established but still unfinished. The honorable ministers appreciated the excellent medical services provided by the Coptic hospital. The honorable Minister for Foreign Affairs of Kenya, Amina Mohammad thanked the Coptic Church for the special spiritual, medical and humanitarian support being offered to the people of Kenya


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